Monuments at Night, Nov 6

Mitten at midday

I am at the end of my designated time for this expedition.  I must now return from whence I came, to a civilization density that can host a technical conference, and will also develop the latent images captured on my film from this remote beautiful place.

As I reflect on the past few days I realize that there are more things that I would like to do.  I never did get to the Goulding Museum, or to the trading post near there (which I was told by the traveler couple was closed on the weekend).

There was a road to Navajo Mountain and Piute Canyon, but an SUV was required.  My cattle-damaged rental sedan was not up to it.  There are many other opportunities here.

I almost took the (restricted) back access road into the valley last night.  I’m guessing that from a perspective on the ground a north-looking view might be possible.  I regret not going down that primitive road.

I am sad to leave this place.  I have a desire for something more, something unfinished, something unresolved, something more to learn.

Oh well, I recall that it took multiple trips to Yosemite Valley to get pictures that I was happy with.  Maybe this will be the same.


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