12.4 The End of the Journey.

The further east I travel in my homeward direction, the more difficult the nighttime photography becomes.  The humidity, insects, and intermittent clouds are a deterrent, while the growing familiarity and attraction of the landscape call me like a siren song toward home. 

I have traveled 8000 miles in the last six weeks under mostly accommodating skies.  I have shot 40 rolls of film.  I have been able to sneak preview some images, but most of my film is packed securely, guarding their latent images until I can bring them to some trustworthy lab to be developed.  Regardless of their content, I will always be able to describe what I did during this windfall gift of time.  These stories complete that goal.

I know that I am at the end of this astrophoto odyssey because today the sky is clear and beautiful and dry.  It will be a marvelous observing night. 

I know that my travels are done because even though the sky is clear, I want to be in my home tonight.

Thor Olson

23 August 2001

Nightscape Odyssey
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