Split Rock Lighthouse

Spring comes late to this region.  Snow was an obstacle to bringing equipment to this site, but once there, I could enjoy a solitude that amplified the sounds of the great lake.  The beating of waves against the shore diminished through the evening as the temperature dropped and the water in this back bay was held captive and quiet beneath a thin ice glaze.  Occasional cracks and “tinks”  were heard as daytime puddles froze in their rock bowls.

This time exposure captures the stars traversing their east-west passage over the recently thawed waters of Lake Superior.  Park security lamps are now the  only light on the famous cliff, illuminating the distinctive shape of this former, but now dark, guardian beacon.

View full size.

Two Harbors, MN
21 March 2004
Nikomat with 150mm lens at f/5.6
60 minute exposure on Provia 100 +2 stops

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