Preface to Coffee Table Nightscapes

Here is the preface to my Coffee Table Nightscapes photo book project

This story begins nearly thirty years ago.  My nine-year-old son asked me to go out to help him identify some constellations for a school project. We drove a few miles to a park where we watched the stars emerge from the twilight. We discovered that the moons of Jupiter could be seen through binoculars, located constellations with familiar zodiac names, and saw the Milky Way splashed across the sky. It was an enchanting experience.

I wondered what else could be seen in the sky.  I had friends with telescopes who were kind enough to let me peer into them to view “deep sky objects” (galaxies and nebulae).  It was fascinating!  The idea of ancient photons being collected by a telescope lens and then focused on my retina made a powerful impression on me and continues to do so even to this day. 

I soon began acquiring my own equipment and immersing myself in the world of amateur astronomy. 

Having been an amateur photographer my entire life, it was not long before I wanted to capture those views on film.  During this time two bright comets appeared in two successive years.  They provided my first photographic targets and begin this collection. My son has grown up and now has sons of his own.   He will likely encounter a similar experience while helping them with school assignments.  Meanwhile I’m still investigating the night sky, attempting to capture its romance and magic through the lens of my camera.  I hope you enjoy my favorites from the first 25 years

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