“Coffee Table Nightscapes” goes to print!

I finally caught up with my blog postings of past nightscape photos to reach the ones I made this last year. And I have now completed their assembly into a printed photo book.

I didn’t realize when I started this project that the pictures would span 25 years, and that they happened to straddle the transition from film photography to digital. The chronological order reveals the change in technology as I pursued my various night sky targets.

For completeness, I posted the preface and introduction as blog entries, but their real place is in the leading pages of the printed book where all the photos are collected under one cover. I was pleased to be able to give copies of it to my family and close friends this holiday season. Not all of them have coffee tables, but I hope they find a place for it.

Although this marks the end of this particular project, I doubt that I am really done. As mentioned in the epilogue, the capabilities of cameras just keep improving and so I am now excited to start the next 25 years of taking pictures of the night sky!

6 thoughts on ““Coffee Table Nightscapes” goes to print!

  1. Just received our copy. It is stunning. I find we return to some pictures to gaze at them over and over again. One of our favorites is the Blood Moon over Lake Nokomis.


    • Thanks Karen! You are one of my most enthusiastic followers. I have fond memories of the “Transit of Venus picnic” that Poldi hosted and you and John attended!


    • Thanks Harold! You may recognize the dates and locations of many of my favorites– Arizona in November, right around the time of the annual Color Imaging Conference where you and I became friends! It’s been a long strange wonderful trip.


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