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Mauna Kea at sunset, above the clouds, below the telescopes

La Terza Eta-an update

It has been a little over three years since introducing this site.  I had recently retired and wanted a vehicle to share the projects, historical items, and personal events that I experience during my “third age”. 

I have enjoyed posting updates on my various endeavors, especially the pages that contributed to my photo books.  And I have also enjoyed sharing the artifacts I encounter as I try to clear out a lifetime of accumulated stuff, including my portions of the “distributed computer museum”.  Though it may be of less general interest, I take the greatest satisfaction in sharing some of the personal events that occur among my friends and family.  Weddings, funerals, births, milestone achievements, and even setbacks– these are the things that mark our life travels. 

I’ve logged quite a few years and miles in those life travels, more than I remember!  But the long strange trip continues, and I am thrilled to be on it with a partner who has recently agreed to become my wife.  I look forward to sharing whatever new and old experiences we encounter in our terza eta.

Thor Olson
February 2023

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