Papers and Patents

I am sometimes asked about my professional work and various publications. Here is a summary.



  • 4,312,359           Noninvasive blood pressure measuring system (1982)

  • 4,754,334           Image recorder having automatic alignment method and apparatus (1988)

  • 5,170,182           Apparatus and method for registering an image on a recording medium (1992)

  • 5,389,985           Image recording apparatus and rearview CRT therefore

  • D419,185           Perforated paper blank for color matching strips

  • 6,112,665           Method and computer generated swatch cards for matching colors

  • 6,381,036           Method for determining printer colorant levels

  • 6,539,323           Methods and apparatus for correcting spectral color measurements

  • 6,647,149           Methods and apparatus for securely transmitting digital image data

  • 7,027,655           Digital image compression with spatially varying quality levels… by identifying areas of interest

  • 7,302,103, 7397,961  Apparatus and methods for digital image compression

  • 7,598,964          Apparatus and methods for editing hue and saturation in color profiles

  • 8,013,871          Apparatus and methods for selective color editing of color profiles

  • 8,243,326          Methods and apparatus for color profile editing

  • 9,786,094          Method and apparatus for creating a dimensional layer for an image file

  • 9,952,539, 10,114,307  Method and apparatus for variable gloss reduction

  • 10,447,896          Interactive three-dimensional (3D) color histograms