Coffee Table Nightscapes

One of my projects is to use this blog as a vehicle to “pre-publish” the pages for what I call “Coffee Table Nightscapes”. I’ve been reviewing the night sky pictures and astrophotos that I have taken over the last few decades, selecting my favorites, annotating them, and preparing them to be published as a photo book.

They begin with pictures of comet Hale-Bopp in 1997, include many from my Nightscape Odyssey taken in 2001, and continue through the various other opportunities I have had to take pictures of the night sky in interesting places. I hope to eventually catch up to the present, which at the moment, is sometime in the future.

The category Coffee Table Nightscapes will present a listing of the posts I have made to this project, most recent first, then going back chronologically to the earliest, which results in a random arrangement of subjects.

Here is an index to bring some order to the collection. The links will take you to the corresponding blog entry. The (bold) category links will take you to that section of my photo gallery at smugmug.