A Steadfast Computer Gets Upgraded

After some close calls with my primary tool, constant companion and security blanket, a 2014 MacBook Pro, I decided it was time to replace it with a new model. That was two years ago.

When I discovered that MBPs had “advanced” since 2014 by ditching the mag lock power connector and the SD card slot, and had incorporated a questionable keyboard technology and a touch strip that no one seemed to know how to use, I held off. These seemed like big steps backward to me and so, I waited.  My old laptop wasn’t broken, it was just showing some limitations as I took on new projects, including time lapse movies.  

Finally, a new model of MacBook Pro was announced that restored the mag lock, the SD card, and used the older keyboard without a touch bar.  I was excited to order one.

In all of my previous computer purchases, I had never regretted configuring it with the most memory and the largest disk drive available, following the example of my grandfather who once had to choose between a standard speed CPU or the faster option, priced at a premium.  His reasoning was simple:  he was 87, and didn’t know how many years he had left, but he certainly didn’t want to be waiting on a slow computer!

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