Anniversary Picnic Invitees

A partial list of friends and family we have invited to the picnic (we also hope to see their families).  You may recognize some of them.  If your name isn’t here, maybe it should be!  Tell us you’d like to attend by adding your name to the RSVP list.

Karin and Max Allers
Dave Aschenbeck
Sue Aschenbeck
Betsy Asher
Bob Bannerman and Uyen Nguyen
Laurie and Richard Baumgartner
Mindy Bell
Peter and Genni Blitzer
Tom and Dawn Cassidy
Tony Clark
Linda Coffin
Kristen Olsen & Wayne Dunifon
Bill and Sue Enright
Jared Epstein
Joel Epstein and Faaria Husain
Seth Epstein
Barb Gallea and Joe Ortner
Richard and Mary Gallea
April Gerard
Nick and Sejain Gerard-Larson
Heather Gerard-Larson
Bill Glass
Karen and John Gulliver
Diane Lund and Don Holzwarth
Pat and Bob Johnson
Rick Keeney
Dave and Colleen Larsen
Gary Larson
Linda Norris and Jim Lee
Rachel Adams and Tom Liners
Phil Lodwick
Rich and Peg McMartin
Scott Mazar
Lynn and Dan Munson
Andy Munson
Warren Munson and Natalie Berry
Attiss Ngo and Cassy Rainey
Shal Ngo and Sarah Sandnes
Hoan Ngo and Grace Jiang
Bonnie Norman
Fred Nourbakhsh
Cindy Lemke O’Donovan
John and Becky Olson
Max Olson
Nick Olson and Becca Olsen
Eric and Rhonda Olson
Kendal Olson
Derek Olson and Amy Blitzer
Eric and Tina Persson
Tom Peterson
Jane and John Ransom
Krista and Anthony Riesch
Chris Ripka
Judy Rogoscheske
Maggie Olson and Nick Saintarbor
Steve and Linda Sandvig
Loren Schoenzeit
Jerry Smith and Juliet Branca
Jennie Tang
Jim Teter
Mark Thoson
Stacie and Mark Vickerman
Mimi Wentzel