Thor’s Life Notes (September 2019)

Observations along the way

Mauna Kea at sunset, above the clouds, below the telescopes

Intro to this site

It’s been a “long strange trip” through life, and I am now entering, as so beautifully expressed by my Italian-speaking partner, la terza eta, the third age.  Having passed muster on the first two (surviving childhood, and then paying forward the debt to my parents by being a parent myself), I am now embarking on this third act.

My career is winding down, and I am looking forward to picking up some of the many projects I have put aside over the years.  I am encountering artifacts that technology left behind:  I was part of the digital revolution that created those artifacts and I find it amusing to explain them.

So this blog is to share memories, projects, and observations made along this long strange trip. And to post notes on the new experiences and projects I undertake during this next chapter in life, my terza eta

Thor Olson
September 2019

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