Fire Behind Rising Wolf

Forest fires have become common occurrences in our western states, a consequence of global warming, and our national parks are not immune.  On this date we could enjoy the facilities of our campground at Two Medicine Lake, but other areas of the park were closed off, including those just north of the distinctive peak of Rising Wolf.  The glow of the fire is reflected by the smoke in the sky in this startrail exposure.

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Glacier Park, Montana
13 August 2015
Canon EOS 60Da 10-22mm (10mm)
Composite of 4-minute exposures, f/8, ISO 800

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Wild Goose Island

I return to this iconic overlook in Glacier Park and try again.  Previously (2001), the weather compromised the view, tonight it is perfectly clear and the traffic over Logan Pass nonexistent.  The pink smudge to the left is not a cloud, it is the core of the Milky Way, moving its way across the sky on a beautifully clear August night.

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Glacier Park, Montana
25 August 2009
Canon EOS 20Da, 10-22mm (10mm) at f/3.5, ISO 3200
Composited series of 8-second exposures over a duration of two hours

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3.2 Going-To-The-Sun at Night

The distinctive three-pointed peak of Going-To-The-Sun Mountain shows left of center in this view from Logan Pass.  The trails of the stars arc gently up to the north, and gently down to the south of true east.

The activities at the Logan Pass Visitor Center died down after sunset.  I noticed that I was now alone among a set of randomly placed cars in the parking lot. I wondered where their owners might be. The visitor center had closed hours before. Any day hiker on the trail would normally try to get back before the end of the day. Perhaps they belonged to people deeper in the park, backpackers equipped to spend their nights in truly remote regions.

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