Wild Goose Island

I return to this iconic overlook in Glacier Park and try again.  Previously (2001), the weather compromised the view, tonight it is perfectly clear and the traffic over Logan Pass nonexistent.  The pink smudge to the left is not a cloud, it is the core of the Milky Way, moving its way across the sky on a beautifully clear August night.

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Glacier Park, Montana
25 August 2009
Canon EOS 20Da, 10-22mm (10mm) at f/3.5, ISO 3200
Composited series of 8-second exposures over a duration of two hours

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3.3 A Kodak Moment at Wild Goose Island

A pre-dawn portrait of Wild Goose Island indicated by the warm glow of morning twilight on the distant  peaks.  The faint vertical bands in the blue sky are the contributions from the Milky Way.  A satellite flare cuts across the short 30-minute startrails and clouds are beginning to build in the west while this exposure was made. 

There are many iconic views of beautiful scenery in our country.  Some are identified by “scenic viewpoint” highway signs where the engineers designing and building the routes through the American landscape couldn’t help but be impressed and decided to make it easy for drivers to pull out to stop and enjoy the view too. 

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